Profit Planner

Profit Planner


Over 370 pages, over 100 inspiration quotes about business, weekly discussions, on going support and coaching with your purchase of the Profit Planner Guide of 2019!

We can take you from making tiny profits up to $5,000 monthly.

Results will vary from business to business are not guaranteed to make $5,000. With hard work, ongoing support together we can help you reach your goals!


Own 2019 with huge profits when you purchase this 2019 profit planner. The profit planner can take you from making tiny profits up to $5,000 a month.

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The planner comes with ongoing support from your peers and business coaching from Hope Van Leeuwen, M.B.A.. Hope specialized in Entrepreneurship during her graduate degree.

Together, we will walk through each week with discussions to everyday issues that entrepreneurs may encounter.  Together we can help your business grow so you are wildly successful!

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